Initial Interviews:

We would be happy to schedule an initial interview to perform an assessment and familiarize ourselves with the circumstances of the case.  Just call us at (908) 359-4663.

When we conduct this interview, we will ask a variety of questions about the patient’s health, assistive devices, emotional condition and the nature of the services you may have in mind or that we may feel are necessary.  We will discuss the visitation schedule you have in mind and make appropriate recommendations accordingly.  We always do our best to accomodate the specific schedule you desire.

Many times, customers wish to interview the prospective caregiver before beginning the service.  While this is understandable and we will indeed accommodate such requests when feasible, you should keep in mind that this is what you hire an agency for.  We screen our employees and attempt to match you with a person we feel is right for your case. If you don’t like the person we send, you have every right to say so and request a replacement. All we ask is that you give the caregiver a fair chance and time to adjust to you and your loved one.

If you have concerns about the nature of the service or the type of caregiver we might provide, it is entirely appropriate to bring up those concerns in this initial meeting so we can do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Visitation Schedules:

Everyone has a unique set of circumstances that can dictate the need for care giving assistance. Some people need a companion to watch over their loved one while they are away at work.  Others need a caregiver to assist with personal matters such as getting a senior up each morning; getting them cleaned up, dressed, fed and started in their day.  Still others may need someone to visit a few times a week to do housekeeping and ensure the patient has a nutricious meal.  Some people need a full time live-in caregiver to completely care for the patient and their environment.  We endeavor to accommodate everyone the best we can. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Caregivers do this work to make a living.  It is important that you realize a consistent, regular schedule is
essential for them to fill their day productively.  Constant changes make it difficult to keep a person coming
consistently…and consistency is very important to those receiving care.

2. The cost of driving around to different locations makes it impractical for a caregiver to come for less than a 3 hour visit.  Occasionally, if someone is already close by your area, we can work out a 2 hour visit but you should be prepared for a 3 hour minimum.

3. Split schedules (someone coming in the morning and then back again in the evening) are often desired but very difficult to accommodate. It can be done but it depends entirely upon the availability of a caregiver willing to work that way.  Separate people can sometimes be used but it is best to minimize the number of people working with a patient, especially if they have dementia.

4. Live-in caregivers need time off.  No one can work 24/7 indefinitely.  However, weekend relievers are hard to find and even harder to engage consistently over time.  We generally ask a caregiver to be prepared to stay with the customer for a month or so before taking time off.  After that, we have to allow them one or two weekends a month.  Be prepared to accept a reliever during those times.


Hourly caregivers normally have the option to work or take the day off.  If a patient is truly dependant and the family can not fill in, we ask them to work anyway.  If they work, we compensate them at time-and-a-half and bill customers at one and one-half times the usual rate.

We observe the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day