Mesothelioma and Caregiving

Those who become diagnosed with mesothelioma often find comfort and relief from a large support network made up of family and friends. In many cases, these same family members and friends act as caregivers and offer medical care that is intended to alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life. The aim is to keep a mesothelioma patient comfortable while offering individual attention and on-site care.

Mesothelioma patients may encounter difficulty in dealing with symptoms of the disease. These symptoms, which can be quite debilitating, may compromise quality of life and can make it difficult to carry out normal activities. Similarly, dealing with the side effects of treatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can be life-changing. Although mesothelioma treatment options are certainly designed to help the patient combat the disease, they can weaken the body and mind.

Treatment for mesothelioma will vary from patient to patient, and thus affects what a caregiver may cope with depending upon the patient’s response to treatment. Although no cure exists, patients can elect to undergo therapy that may improve their overall quality of life. Attaining an early diagnosis can expand treatment options and may result in more effective treatment results. In addition to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, some patients may qualify for experimental treatments through clinical trials.

Whether or not a patient elects to undergo treatment, those who may aid in caregiving should find ways to reduce stress. Many choose to meditate, pray, read, exercise or take a walk. Stress and anxiety are factors when dealing with a terminal illness and are important issues to address after a friend or family member has received a diagnosis.

The patient and family advocates at can assist mesothelioma patients in a variety of ways. They can help patients find the best doctors and treatment facilities in their area, provide access to local support groups, offer free literature and informational books on asbestos-related illnesses, and help veterans receive their VA benefits for asbestos-related health issues. Being diagnosed with an asbestos related disease often leads to a mesothelioma lawsuit.

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