Companion Care LLC is based in Hillsborough Township in Somerset County, New Jersey.  However, we have companions located throughout central and northern New Jersey.  The territory we serve depends on whether the case is for a “Live-In” aide or an hourly aide.  Live-In aides can be provided almost anywhere in the state.  Our hourly territory includes the counties of Somerset and parts of Middlesex and Hunterdon counties.

We have many certified and non-certified companions ready and eager to answer your call. They range in backgrounds, nationality, race, religion and age.  Most are women but a few are men.  We encourage people who speak other languages and who are open to live-in as well as part time or occasional assignments to join our team.  All our people come to us as a result of personal referral from other caregivers and professional acquaintances.  We do not advertise to find them.

We screen all our companions by conducting state and county level criminal background as well as personal and professional reference checks.  If transportation is included in the services to be provided, the companion’s driver’s license is verified and their driving record is checked to ensure they meet stringent standards.

In all cases, our companions look at this calling as something much higher than a mere job for pay. Companions are people who place the well being and concerns of their charge above their own.  Our companions exercise the highest possible levels of compassion, patience and care.  They do this work because it is a solid contribution to their community and satisfies their sense of caring and service.

Lastly, Companion Care of Hillsborough is not a franchise. It is an LLC owned by Kelly and Lux Ellis, husband and wife.  Kelly has done volunteer work in nursing homes and hospitals and Lux is an RN at a local hospital.  This is a supremely personal service.  We believe that it is not about marketing an image or maximizing profit but how well we perform in providing well matched, quality caregivers.  The profit we make is a measure of the quality of our care, not the reason we do it.